With so many different levels and layers to marketing…both online and offline, it may feel like you need a degree from MIT to understand this stuff!

“The Road to Success is Always Under Construction”

— Lily Tomlin (and others)

Breaking Down The 5 Pillars of Online Marketing…As I See It!

In all my years in this business, I’ve learned it’s better to look at what something does or the results to expect and then determine which system, tool or model can best get me there.

With that, I took a long look at what Online Marketing is and the ultimate deliverable it must meet for me and my business.

After all, if it is:


Then you simply will never use it…or worse, never use it correctly!

So, I came up with the 5 Pillars of Online Marketing!

Pillar 1. – Top of Mind Marketing

Pretty much a no-brainer! Pillar 1 is that which bears the load of the other 4 pillars in my view. Your ultimate goal is to be the person your sphere and/or database thinks of when a friend, family member or co-worker talks about buying or selling real estate.

With Top of Mind Marketing, your job is to insure your placement in these people’s consciousness and even subconsciousness. Your purpose is to ‘pattern interrupt’ their day with information and knowledge that essentially causes them to stop what they’re doing.

This can easily be done on an immediate basis with things like a Facebook post or tweet.

A more long term affect could be weekly blog posts, email campaigns and video.


Utilizing a system like a 1-3-5, you can help better organize your daily online marketing plan.

In a 1-3-5, you simply identify your primary goal…that’s your 1. Next you identify 3 priorities that will help you achieve your primary goal. Lastly, you then identify 5 tools/strategies that you’ll use to complete your 3 priorities that will help you achieve your primary goal. VIOLA!

GOAL – Add 50 people to my database every Month (WHAT)


1. Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram

2. Website

  • Landing Page w/contact form
  • Ebook download
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Special Offer/Force Register Home Search
  • Blog/Email Campaign

3. Marketing

  • Facebook Community Page
  • Create an Event (Open House Invite)
  • Local Ads
  • Apps
  • Guest Posts

With this outlined 1-3-5 above, you’re now able to take ‘bite size pieces’ out of this enormous creature that once scared us to death…

Pillar 2. – Word Of Mouth Marketing

This is the pillar that is directly affected by your ‘Top of Mind’ marketing efforts. Once you’ve outlined your own 1-3-5, you now have to implement, generate and receive.

Implement – Have a daily calendar and stick to it. Consistency…OR LACK THERE OF…is the killer in all this. Without your daily and/or weekly 1-3-5, you have no chance to pattern interrupt your database with information and knowledge that essentially causes them to stop what they’re doing.

Generate – Be systematic in how you pattern interrupt. This is where I use that nasty 4 letter word that real estate brokers hate to hear…BLOG. Your Blog will be your greatest resource to syndicate and broadcast to your database and sphere.

Your Blog also allows you to create:

  • Legitimacy for you and your business
  • Your Authority for the Information
  • Mass broadcast or multiply your message through Social Media
  • A Resource point for your database

Receive – Be present when they are ready to connect. Just like your email, voice mail and snail mail, you need to check your blog and website for activity…daily!

Pillar 3. – Permission Marketing

This pillar is a product of your consistency in your 1-3-5 and your ability to Implement, Generate and Receive to/from your sphere.

Once you are at this point in your online marketing plan, you will start to get folks reaching out to you for more! Now you’ve been given permission to market to them. At this point, you will find momentum in your marketing.

Pillar 4. – Return Marketing

This pillar is a result of consistency in your content and information…i.e., your Blog and Social Media.

What you produce in way of content and information on your Blog is available for consumption right now and at a later date. Thanks to our search engine friends, once you post a Blog, you are able to be found through a search for now until the end of time.

This pillar is more of a passive form of marketing but certainly as important. It’s a tree that keeps on blooming and bearing fruit over and over again…with little to no effort on your part other than the energy spent on the original Blog post.

Pillar 5. – Influence Marketing

Lastly, this pillar is a benefit of consistency in all your efforts! Once you have established your online (and offline) marketing presence, you now have the weight to use the fruits of your labors to help those around you.

Along with the other 4 pillars, influence marketing speaks to the 6 degrees of separation in that you are now seeing others affect others affect others.