What is a Landing Page and Why Do I Need One?

The idea of a Landing Page is to have a place on your website to offer your visitors something of value. AND, to attempt to capture contact information (i.e., email address, name, ect…) for your database and subsequent email and offline marketing efforts.

Knowing how to build a Landing Page is not a necessity…knowing someone who can do all this for you IS!!!

The origin of Landing Pages really started as something called a Squeeze Page. As the name indicates, you are offering something of value i.e., an ebook or something downloadable. The squeeze part comes when you ask the visitor to fill out a contact form before the website visitor can have access to download your offer. Essentially, ‘squeezing’ the web visitors info in exchange for the goods!

Generally, the contact form asks for the name and email of the person. Once those 2 (required) items are given, the website visitor is then redirected to a page that allows them access to your offer.

Why Does the Visitor Have to Fill Out a Form on the Landing Page?

The reason for this is simply to add names and email addresses to your database. Common practice to grow your database is to integrate your form with your email marketing platform like MailChimp, Constant Contact and so forth.

Who Can and Can’t Create a Landing Page?

Generally, any real estate or Mortgage professional can easily have a multitude of Landing Pages on their website. The only caveat to that statement is on ‘proprietary’ (template) website offered by their Brokerage. These platforms have distinct limitation which I will outline below…

The Good Part First…

Anyone using a website they host and own are in a perfect position to create as many Landing Pages as their little heart desires.

Many agents and lenders who have their own website, such as a WordPress website like this one, can download contact form plugins as well as use specific (Google friendly) fonts and edit their Landing Page any way they want.

On top of all this, the theme you use can also influence how your Landing Page performs and works.

This website you’re on now uses a theme called Divi which allows the option to create Landing Pages without the omnipresent header and footer you normally see on home pages and so forth. You’re further allowed to create separate columns and rows for a more polished look.

That said, any website designer (worth their salt, of course) should have little trouble creating a Landing Page on virtually any WordPress theme.

In some cases, you may want your Landing Page to have a completely separate look and feel from your main site. If this is your plan, you want to look for a theme that allows you to create a ‘Blank Page’.

Why is starting with a blank page so important?

  • Perhaps you have a sidebar on your main website that you don’t want to have on your Landing Page.
  • Maybe you want to offer a header that is definitively different from what visitors see on your home page.
  • You may even want to add or delete a background image from your home page that really sets your Landing Page apart.

Having the ability to start with a blank page is a great means to offer anything that may differ from your main home page…

A Good Example of a Well Build Landing Page

My friend Dan Keller with The Dan Keller Team here in Washington State is using his Landing Page (perfectly) to offer visitors an invitation to his Lunch and Learn he hosts for local real estate professionals.

Dan has essentially perfected the idea of offering something of value and creating a contact form as well as inserting a video greatly increasing his response rate. Dan is also able to insert images along with his video and then a clear explanation of what he is offering.

Instead of a free download, he is utilizing his Landing Page as a means to get a ‘head count’ of the number of participants attending his class.

Landing Page

And now the Bad Part…

Creating and Landing Page on templated sites can be difficult to near impossible! Let me tell you what to look out for!

Brokerage Proprietary Websites.

Most Brokerages offer proprietary websites to their real estate brokers and lenders at little to no cost…which is exactly what they’re worth!

More commonly referred to as a Multiple User (MU) platform, these websites offer little if any edibility and in most cases, no options to add such important options as Landing Pages.

The term MU is fairly self explanatory meaning there are many users on the same platform. These platforms give the website user a home search, blog, about me page and little else. They do very little to allow promotion or any sort of online marketing whatsoever!

What this means from the standpoint of creating Landing Pages is the website user is extremely limited to any editing options and are certainly unable to download any specific contact form or ability to alter fonts.

This Also Goes for Templated Websites!

Templated websites are also generally considered an MU platform. Because these are subscription based and can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, there are generally a few more editing options!

However, a templated website is still hosted by that company and since it is a template, they mass produce the overall look and give the website user some ability to change things like color schemes and personal information but still limit the website user from downloading vital plugins to create a custom Landing Page.

NOTE: If you already subscribe to one of these websites, you may still have Landing Page options that are available as part of your subscription. Ask your provider if there are Landing Pages available to you from these providers.

4 Essential Landing Pages For Your Online Marketing

When it comes to owning and hosting your own (WordPress) website, the sky is the limit when designing your Landing Page. That said, getting the ball rollin’ may be a concern for many since they want it to look awesome and perform even awesomer…but they don’t necessarily know where to start.

Limitation of time and ability to actually build these pages can leave many agents and brokers scratching their heads.

SHAMELESS PLUG: My suggestion is to look at these 4 essential Landing Page ideas and then find a professional company like The Patrick Flynn Group to help you with all this.

Landing Page Essential Number 1…Download an ebook

Probably the most common request we get for a Landing Page. These are very easy to create and you can build a single Landing Page for a multitude of ebooks you offer to your clients and visitors.

Below you can see a very simple offer to download our ebook on how to create an ebook…yep, you heard that right!

Go ahead…fill out the form and see how easy it is to do…


Authoring your own ebook

Don’t let another day go by without having the power of an ebook for your visitors to download!

Download My Ebook on How and Why to Author Your Own Ebook

It’s one of the most powerful ways to create and establish your brand…

Landing Page Essential Number 2…Invitation to an Event

As like the screenshot I shared above from Dan Keller, these are ideal Landing Pages for agents and brokers who host events or classes.

Everything from first time home buyer classes to lunch and learns can be set up as individual Landing Pages and structured the way you see Dan’s.

Don’t have a video?

No biggie! You can easily insert a simple image to the left or right of your contact form.

HINT: As mentioned, we do see a marked increase in conversions (people signing up) when implementing video over static images

Landing Page Essential Number 3…Offer Something of Value Using Video

Video is clearly the best option when you are trying to get someone to sign up for either a class or to download something of value.

We track conversion rates closely and there is no contest when it comes to giving your visitors a 2-3 minute video explaining what they can expect to receive from their download or what the class or event they are about to sign up for is all about.

Again, Dan Keller really nails this in the screeshot example above. Click here to see the actual page so you can see what I mean.

Landing Page Essential Number 4…Selling Something

These types of Landing Pages are bit more complex only because you are asking your visitors to purchase a product on your website.

This is always a bit of a sticky Wicket as you’re asking folks for their credit card info and your site may not be secure or you don’t have a payment option like PayPal.

Needless to say, it is possible to sell a product using a Landing Page but may not be worth the extra effort for the novice or non e-commerce based website.

Ready to Start Using Landing Pages on Your Site?

Of course there are other options to utilizing Landing Pages for your business. From plugins to templates, the list is seemingly endless. These can be pricey but effective…if you know what you’re doing.

Ask yourself, “Do I have the time to learn how to do this or do I just want (to hire) someone to do it for me?”

The overall costs are more than likely about the same BUT, having a professional (from the U.S.) to actually talk to and work with to create exactly what you want is priceless…in my humble opinion!

Do your homework and see what is best for your budget and your business. What is essential is that you don’t go another day without offering something of value for your web visitors.