12 Week Program designed to get New Real Estate Agents completely ready to tackle their first 90 days in the Business.

WEEK 1 – 4

WEEK 1. Scripts and Dialogues – I will go over multiple script sheets covering:

  • Handling Objections
  • New Buyer Consultation – LPMAMA
  • Seller Consultation/Objectives – WWBMP
  • Commission Objections
  • Agent to Agent Scripts

I will also cover some trigger and neuro-linguistic techniques

  • Tie Downs
  • Embedded Commands

NOTE: We will spend 15 minutes at the beginning of each coaching session role playing scripts and dialogues using different situations. This exercise is designed to help you internalize these scripts and create triggers so you can handle a variety of questions until you feel very comfortable in these situations.

WEEK 2. Database – You will choose a CRM to create your database.I’ll offer suggestion that best fits you.

If you do not have a database, I’ll give you a form to start adding people for import. You will then be responsible for adding a designated number of people before each coaching session, That number will be determined at the end of this coaching session.

What do you need for a Database? Something as simple as Facebook can be considered a database. Anyone from a person you just met to folks who you’ve worked with in the past should be in your database.

After scripts to start our coaching session, we’ll go over your database for the past week. This will insure you are adding the number of contacts correctly you and I agreed on. In week 6, we will create an email campaign to start sending to your database.

WEEK 3. Website w/IDX – We will spend time going over and designing your website. You’ll be responsible for adding either a community page, testimonial or blog content every week before our next coaching session.

I’ll show you how to start adding things like:

  • Your Bio and About Me page
  • Community pages with widgets and graphs
  • Custom Links
  • Testimonials
  • Blog Content

After scripts & database entries, we’ll spend a few minutes going over your website to answer any questions you have and to see your weekly progress.

Week 4. Domain Name/Web Address – You will create an account (preferably with GoDaddy) and purchase a domain name.

If you haven’t done so already, I will set up your domain to your website.

WEEK 5 – 8

WEEK 5. Email Signature – We will go over different looks and styles to incorporate into your email signature and incorporate it into your email server. Below are what we’ll add:

  • All you contact info like phone number & website
  • Photo
  • Logo
  • Social Media Links

WEEK 6. CRM/Email Campaign – We’ll create an email template in We’ll also import your database to this platform and set up a form to add to your website.

WEEK 7. Working Knowledge of your MLS Forms/Dot Loop/Transaction Desk – I will have different purchase and selling scenarios for you to write up an offer and take a listing.

I’ll also go through how to use Transaction Desk and upload your documents to Dot Loop.

NOTE: Beginning week 8, we will spend 10-15 minutes after scripts, database entries & website progress going over questions and specific addenda & notices you should be familiar with.

WEEK 8. Social Media Accounts/Needed Apps – I’ll go over your current social media accounts. Add (if you want) any you don’t have and help you with any artwork and design for your covers and profile images.

I’ll also help you add all apps for your accounts to your phone.

Lastly, I’ll coach you how to syndicate content to your accounts as well as design a calendar to create a constant flow of posts and engagement.

The social media platforms we’ll create:

  • Facebook – both personal and business accounts
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Each one of these social media accounts should also be on your phone and tablet as an app!

Other apps you should have on your phone:

  • Your Broker(age)s Mobile App
  • Supra eKey
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Your Email Account
  • We can also discuss adding any other apps to help you and your business

WEEK 9 – 12

WEEK 9. Logo/Business Cards – I’ll help you create a logo for your brand. We’ll also make sure you have your business cards

WEEK 10. Listing Presentation – I’ll work with you to create and print your listing presentation In addition, we can save it so you can have it electronically for presenting on ipad or tablet.

WEEK 11. Buyer Consultation – I’ll work with you to create and print your listing presentation In addition, we can save it so you can have it electronically for presenting on ipad or tablet.

WEEK 12. Business Plan/10-4/1-3-5 – Finally, I’ll help you create a clear outline of not only what you want for your real estate business but a system to follow so you can get there.

Since business plans come in may shapes and sizes, we’ll customize it for you and your business.

We’ll spend the session designing your 10-4 and 1-3-5

  • 10-4
    • Make 10 contacts a day
    • Add 10 people to your database a day
    • Send out 10 ‘touches’ (notecard, email, video text, personal letter) a day
    • Preview 10 properties in your market a day
  • 1-3-5
    • Create the 1 thing you need (appointment, listing, contract, closing) for the day, week or month
    • Create 3 tasks/goals you need to complete to get that 1 thing
    • Create/Implement/Utilize 5 Systems/Tools/Models to reach/complete the 3 tasks/goals you need to get that 1 thing