Becoming a Real Estate Managing Broker in 2003 when I started my first Real Estate Brokerage, Seattle Realty Group llc.

In 2006, I became a Designated Broker as well as a Certified Real Estate Instructor. During that time, I have authored 5 different Clock Hour classes and logged over 600 hours of live classroom training for countless Brokers throughout the State of Washington.

“There’s another way to survive…mutual trust and help.” ~
Captain James Tiberius Kirk USS Enterprise

Along with my passion for teaching, coaching and training, I’m also proud to hold the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. This designation serves as my continued commitment and dedication to serving my clients needs with today’s most powerful online tools and platforms!

The training I attend along with the subjects I teach afford me great opportunity to master and implement many of the cutting edge tools, models and practices that sets The Patrick Flynn Group apart from the others.

Some of my “Other Hats” that I wear:

  • Coaching & Training Real Estate Brokers
  • Teaching Real Estate clock hour classes
  • Building Real Estate online marketing platforms
  • Designing offline & online marketing campaigns for my team

When I’m not selling Real Estate or coaching Brokers, you can usually find me screaming my head off for my Mariners and Seahawks or toiling around in my yard and workshop.